How to use the downvote feature 

Available on all Plans.

What is the downvote feature? 


Using the downvote feature on the Audience Web App. 

The downvote empowers participants to heighten the visibility of questions important to them in a Q&A Session. By default, downvoted questions get pushed lower in the list of submitted questions, enabling participants to focus on questions that matter to them. 

This feature will increase the effectiveness of a Q&A Session by better surfacing the issues that participants care about most. The user can enable the downvote feature in a Pigeonhole by going to More settings > Session settings > Q&A. This setting applies to all Q&A Sessions with question votes enabled in a Pigeonhole. 

It displays across the Audience Web App, Projector Panel, Moderator Panel and Admin Panel.

Setting up the downvote feature


Ensure that the Question Votes feature is enabled in the Q&A Settings. This feature allows participants to upvote or downvote on any question, and it also allows the votes to be displayed and collated after the meeting or event. Learn more about how votes work. 

Enabling Question Votes in the Q&A Settings.

Enabling the downvote on More settings

  1. Enable the downvote feature by going to Under More settings > Session Settings > Q&A.   Once this is done, users can upvote and downvote question. image__9_.pngVote settings page.
  2. Choose the way in which you want the votes to be displayed to attendees. 

Show positive tally only indicates a negative tally but never shows the true number. Hence <0 will be displayed instead.  This option is recommended for organisers who may prefer to keep the true extent of the negative tally private from participants.


On the other hand, Reveal true tally shows the actual negative tally to participants. For example, -10 if there are 20 upvotes and 30 downvotes. This is recommended for organisers who prefer to show the negative tally to participants. 

  1. Next, click Save.

Viewing the downvote on the Audience Web App 

In a Q&A Session, the downvote feature appears as an inverted arrow next to each question. When an attendee clicks on the downvote button of a question, it adds a downvote -1 to the question's Tally.  This allows attendees to cumulatively decide as a whole the key questions that they wish to surface to the top of the list.


  • Like an upvote, a downvote cannot be undone.  

Screenshot_2023-04-12_at_00.24.06.pngUpvote and downvote on the Audience Web App.  

On the Audience Web App, participants can generally view votes as Positive Tally or True Tally. When a question is downvoted on the Positive Tally setting, the number is displayed to the user as <0 even if the vote tally is -1 or more. 

Screenshot_2023-04-05_at_19.42.31.jpegPositive Tally downvote on the Audience Web App.

When a question is downvoted on the True Tally setting, the vote tally displays as is.  

Screenshot_2023-04-05_at_22.07.57.jpegTrue Tally downvote on the Audience Web App.

Sorting is a simple way the user can decide how to see the votes displayed in a Session.

  • Top Tally. This pushes to the top questions with the highest positive difference between upvotes and downvotes.
  • Latest. This ranks the questions from the newest to the oldest irrespective of the number of downvotes.

Viewing the downvote on the Admin Panel

The true tally always displays on the Admin Panel irrespective of the organiser's setting on the dashboard. The difference between upvotes and downvotes is the vote tally, which is ranked from highest to lowest. The vote breakdown of upvotes and downvotes is displayed beneath the vote tally. 

Pasted_Graphic_4.tiffAdmin Panel.

These are other sorting methods the organiser can use:

  • Latest. This displays the newest questions first. 
  • Vote Count. This is in order of the highest number of upvotes added with downvotes in a question.
  • Vote Tally (unanswered first). This sorts similarly to Vote Tally, except the unanswered questions rank at the top of the list. 
  • Time posted (newest first). This shows the votes by the most recent entry.
  • Time posted (oldest first). This displays the earliest entries first. 


If you have collected downvotes during a Q&A Session and mid-session change the setting to allow only upvotes:

  • then questions will no longer be sorted by the vote tally, i.e. upvotes minus downvotes. 
  • Instead, it will revert to sorting by highest upvotes. 

Viewing the downvote on the Projector Panel

The Projector Panel will only display questions based on the settings chosen by the organiser. In the Positive Tally setting, the true extent of the negative vote tally will be hidden.

image__12_.pngPositive Tally downvote on the Projector Panel.

On the True Tally setting, the downvotes would be displayed in their true negative numbers.

image__13_.pngTrue Tally downvote on the Projector Panel.

Viewing the downvote on the Moderator Panel

The Moderator can toggle between showing Positive Tally or True Tally. The option to do so will be available under Voting Logic once Advanced Mode is enabled on the Moderator Panel's Controls tab.

image__14_.pngModerator Panel.