How can I create a Poll with a correct answer?



If you are creating a multiple choice poll, you can now specify which of the answer options is the correct answer. It's very simple to set it up.

Enable correct answer

Navigate to your Poll session

Navigate to:
Pigeonhole › Agenda › Poll session

  1. Just beneath your poll answer options, select the checkbox to enable correct answer
  2. Beside each answer option, you can select which is correct

That's it!


Reveal or hide the correct answer for audiences

By default, the correct answer is not revealed to the audience on the Projector Panel and Audience Web App.

To reveal the correct answer, open up either the Moderator Panel or the Admin Panel, select the Poll session to load, then use the "Reveal answer" button. Once activated, the correct answer will be reflected on the Audience Web App and Projector Panel.

The correct poll answer is shown on Audience Web App


On the Moderator Panel and Admin Panel, the correct answer is always shown. Once the answer is revealed, voting stops - attendees will not be able to cast new votes or change their votes.

The correct poll answer is shown on Moderator Panel


To hide the answer, just select the button "Hide answer" on the Moderator Panel and Admin Panel. This button toggles between "Reveal answer" and "Hide answer".


Engagement Insights

If your Pigeonhole supports Engagement Insights, you will also see how many participants answered the question correctly in your Insights page, as well as downloadable reports.