Disabling question votes in Q&A sessions

Available for:

  • Engage
  • Captivate
  • Enterprise (Events)
This article covers: 
  • How to disable question votes in Q&A sessions?

Question votes are enabled by default for Q&A sessions which allows attendees to vote on questions that have been submitted by themselves and other attendees.

On Event Pigeonhole plans (Engage, Captivate, and Enterprise-Events) only, you have the option to disable question votes in Q&A sessions. When disabled, the vote button will be removed on the Audience Web App. 

How to disable question votes in Q&A sessions? 

1. On your Workspace, go to Pigeonhole> Agenda> Q&A. Under Q&A settings in the Q&A creation page, uncheck the Question votes option. 


2. Click Add Q&A

Once questions votes are disabled, the question vote button on the Audience Web App will be removed and attendees will not be able to vote on questions. Questions submitted will be displayed in the order of the latest question submitted first in the Audience Web App and Projector Panel. 

Audience Web App with vote button 


Audience Web App without vote button