Enabling and Using Admin Collaboration on the Admin Panel

Available for:

  • Captivate
  • Enterprise
This article:
  • How to enable Admin Collaboration function on your Workspace? 
  • How to assign questions to Workspace users on the Admin Panel? 
  • How to view questions assigned to me on the Admin Panel? 

The Admin Collaboration feature allows licensed users of a Team Workspace to collaborate in moderating Q&A sessions on the Admin Panel. When the setting is enabled, you can assign questions to other users in your Team Workspace and yourself.

This feature is only available on Team Workspaces. It can be enabled when a Captivate Pigeonhole is transferred from a Personal Workspace to a Team Workspace. 

Note: This feature only works for Q&A questions. You cannot assign comments to other admins. 

How to enable Admin Collaboration function on your Workspace? 

1. On your Team Workspace, go to your event Pigeonhole. 

2. In the Q&A session page, select the checkbox for Admin Collaboration under Q&A Settings.


Note: This option is not enabled by default. 

3. Select Add Q&A to save the setting. 

Admin collaboration is now enabled in your Admin Panel. Users in your Team Workspace can now assign questions to each other and have questions assigned to them. 

How to assign questions to Workspace users on the Admin Panel? 

1. Click on to Assign to button at the right end of a question.


In the dropdown menu, select the user you want to assign the question to. You can also search the Workspace user’s name in the search bar. 


The number of questions assigned to each user will be indicated below their name in the dropdown menu.

Note: You can only assign questions to an existing user of the Workspace the Q&A is being run in. You don’t have to be logged in to the Admin Panel to assign questions to other users and yourself. 

2. Each question can only be assigned to one user. If you want to re-assigned an assigned question to another user, simply click on Assign to button, and select a different user in the dropdown menu. To unassign a question, click on “X” icon next to the assignee’s name.


3. You can assign questions in any state (Pending, Allowed, or Dismissed) to admins. 

4. To sort the order of the questions to display unassigned ones first, click on the sort function, and select “Sort by unassigned first”.


How to view questions assigned to me on the Admin Panel? 

1. On the Admin Panel, click on “Assigned to you” tab on the sidebar.

If you're not logged in yet, you will see the message below on the Admin Panel. 


Once you log in, all the questions assigned to you will be displayed here, regardless of their state. There will be a glowing green dot on the “Assigned to You” tab to indicate new assigned questions. 


2. You will be able to see the state of the question from the label next to the question. From here, you can allow, dismiss, edit, or hide a question, add a direct reply, or add an Answer.

3. Questions assigned to you are sorted by time posted by default. You can adjust the sort order by clicking on the sort function and selecting a different sort option.