Adding Pigeonhole Live as a tab in Microsoft Teams channels

This article is a guide for the Pigeonhole Live app on Microsoft Teams. To learn more about Pigeonhole Live for Microsoft Teams, click here

This article covers:
  • How to add Pigeonhole Live as a tab in your channels?
  • Data storage and persistence

How to add Pigeonhole Live as a tab in your channels?

First, go to your Pigeonhole Live Workspace and set up a Pigeonhole with all the interactive sessions you want to engage your team with. 

On Microsoft Teams:

1. Log in to Microsoft Teams. On your preferred channel, go to the tab menu at the top of the page and select +. 


2. Search for Pigeonhole Live and click on the icon. 


3. Click save to add the tab and share it with your team. The option to send a card to your channel to inform your team about the tab is checked by default.


4. Once the tab is added, it will display the passcode page of the Audience Web App.


5. Key in your Event Passcode to load the Agenda page of your Pigeonhole. 

Your channel will be automatically notified of the Pigeonhole Live tab with a card. If a user clicks on the card, they will be redirected to the tab. 

Here's a short video to guide you: 



If you wish to rename or remove the tab, click on the drop-down menu on the tab right next to the tab name (as shown below). 


If you wish to get a shareable link to the tab, click on the more options icon on the right-hand side of the page (as shown below) and select Copy link to tab. 


Data storage and persistence

We do not receive or store any meeting, channel chat, and group chat data from Microsoft Teams. The following channel and user data will be persisted only in the instances and for the reasons specified below:
  1. Channel Id - required to link to the Pigeonhole Live tab in a channel when the "View in Tab" button is clicked
  2. User's team name - stored only when a user submits a question to the Pigeonhole Live app or tab in Microsoft Teams non-anonymously
  3. User's aadObjectId (linked to their Pigeonhole Live account) - stored only when a user installs or connects to their Pigeonhole Live account on Microsoft Teams
We would love to hear your feedback on the feature as we continue to improve it. We'd love to hear your feedback on the feature as we continue to improve it. Click here to leave your feedback.