Adding Pigeonhole Live as a tab in Microsoft Teams

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  • How to add Pigeonhole Live as a tab in Microsoft Teams?

If you use Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate with your team on a daily basis, you can now use Pigeonhole Live within the Microsoft Teams app. Simply add Pigeonhole Live as a tab in your Teams Channel or Group Chats to allow your meeting attendees to submit questions, brainstorm ideas, vote in polls or answer surveys. 

Note: Single Sign-On (SSO) is not supported for this integration. 

* Please note that you will be subject to any participant limit imposed by Microsoft Teams when using this integration.

How to add Pigeonhole Live as a tab in Microsoft Teams?

On Pigeonhole Live:

1. Set up your event Pigeonhole. 

On Microsoft Teams:

1. Log in to Microsoft Teams. On the left-hand side menu, go to Apps and search for Pigeonhole Live.


2. In this window, select Add to team or click on the drop-down menu and select Add to chat. 


3. Search for the team or channel you want to add Pigeonhole Live to and select Set up a tab.


4. Then, you will be prompted to key in the event passcode for your Pigeonhole. 


Once you've keyed in the correct passcode, select Save

5. Pigeonhole Live will appear as a new tab in your channel (as shown below).


Click on the drop-down menu on the tab to rename the tab or remove it. 


6. Your channel will be automatically notified of the Pigeonhole Live tab in the Posts tab. If a user clicks on the notification, they will be directed to the Pigeonhole Live tab. If you wish to get a shareable link to the tab, click on the more options icon on the right-hand side of the page and select Copy link to tab.


7. Please note that team admins can block all apps (whether published by Microsoft or third-party providers). Learn more about Microsoft Teams' app permission policies

8. If you start a meeting on your channel, you can view Pigeonhole Live and the video call within the same screen so you can view and submit questions and interact with polls during the meeting. 


Please note that this feature is in beta and is being actively worked on. We would love to hear your feedback on the feature as we continue to improve it. Drop a note to