Configuring Team SSO for Okta

This article will guide you through the steps to set up Team Single Sign-on (SSO) for Okta. First, refer to this article to complete the initial steps of setting up SSO.

Once you've completed the initial steps, follow the instructions below to continue SSO configuration for Okta. 

1. In your Workspace, click on your Profile> SSO Configuration.


2. Click on the Dashboard Accounts tab, and complete the two-step setup. 

Step 1: Configure Attributes on your IdP: Okta 


  1. Open the Okta portal and select the SAML application that will be used in Pigeonhole Live.
  2. Under SAML Settings
    1. Under General, set the 
      1. Name ID format to EmailAddress
      2. Application Username to EmailScreenshot_from_2019-09-11_15-09-36.png
    2. Under the Attributes Statements(Optional) add two attributes statements.
      1. name set to user.firstName
      2. emailaddress set to
      3. Click save settings to save the configuration.

Step 2: Fill in the parameters you obtained from Okta 


1. Under Provide us you SAML parameters section, click on the Add SAML configuration button.

2. Fill in the details you obtained from Okta. You may also choose to upload the metadata file provided. 

3. Then, select Test Configuration.


3. You will be redirected to the Okta domain to be authenticated.

Continue to log in using your SSO credentials. 


4. You will then be redirected to your Pigeonhole Live Workspace.

Select Apply new configuration to save the SSO configuration you have just set up. This indicates that the SSO configuration is successful.

If you wish to discard the new set up and revert to your old SSO configuration, select Keep existing configuration. 


5. Inform your account manager of the completed setup.

Your account manager will then turn Team SSO on for your Team Workspace. Your workspace members will receive an email informing them of their new sign-in instructions.