Sending Admin Replies to attendees' questions

This article covers:
  • What is Admin Replies? 
  • When to use Admin Replies? 
  • How to send Admin Replies? 
  • How to prevent multiple admins from replying to the same question?
  • How to make Admin Replies public? 
  • How does Admin Replies work when attendees are limited to only view their own question on the Audience Web App? 

What is Admin Replies? 

Admin Replies are direct replies sent from the Admin Panel to questions that have not been approved - only the attendee who asked a question will be able to view the reply. The Admin can later choose to make the question and the associated reply public by approving the question. 

When to use Admin Replies? 

Admin Replies is ideal for situations where an attendee asks a question or makes a comment that is unrelated to the ongoing discussion in the current Q&A session. This could range from sensitive topics to enquiring about the room temperature or the lunch menu. Admin Replies helps you address the attendee's questions without disrupting the conversation thread that is taking place in the questions and comments section of a session.  

Note: This feature is only available on Business Pigeonholes and above as it requires question filtering to be turned on. 

How to send Admin Replies? 

1. During a Q&A session with question filtering switched on, all questions submitted by attendees will first appear in the Pending tab of the Admin Panel.

2. If you wish to directly reply the person that submitted the question, click on the Direct reply button below the question. 


3. Then, type your reply and select who you are replying as. Do check on the box Dismiss this question after replying if you would like to reply and dismiss the question.

Note: Any links added to the text input will be automatically hyperlinked. 


Once you have checked the box, you can click on Reply.


4. The attendee who asked the question will receive the reply on the Audience Web App. Clicking Dismiss will remove the reply from the attendee's view.


5. On the Admin Panel, the question will be moved to the Dismissed tabYou can view the question and the associated Admin reply in the Dismissed tab. 


Click on the Comments button to Edit or Delete the Admin reply. 


6. Admin Replies will be recorded in the event Insights under Dismissed questions. 

Note: Attendees who receive Admin Replies from the admin remain anonymous if they have opted to be anonymous. The admin is able to reply directly to the attendee but will not be able to identify the attendee. 

How to prevent multiple admins from replying to the same question?

When managing the Admin Panel, each user will see an alert displayed below the question to indicate if another Admin Panel user has clicked on the edit modal to type a response to the question (as shown below). 


If another Admin Panel user is editing a question you are in the midst of editing, the same alert will be shown below the edit modal (as shown below).


Note: If the user editing the response to a question is signed-in to the Workspace, they will be identified by name.

How to make Admin Replies public? 

If you receive similar queries about a topic and wish to make the Admin reply to a question public in the Audience Web App, you can do so from the Admin Panel. 

1. On the Admin Panel, go to the Dismissed tab and click on the Allow button.


2. This will automatically move the questions and the associated Admin Replies to the Allowed tab in the Admin Panel. On the Audience Web App, the question will become available for public view and the Admin Reply will appear as a comment.

3. Admin Replies that were made public will be recorded in the event Insights under Approved questions. 

How does Admin Replies work when attendees are limited to only view their own question on the Audience Web App? 

Read more about this Q&A setting. 

If the admin replies to the attendee using the Admin Replies function, the reply will appear as a pop-up. When the pop-up is dismissed by the attendee, it will appear as a comment below the question. The attendee can reply to the Admin by commenting below the admin’s comment. 

The admin can use this as a one-on-one chat function with each attendee. 


Note: Comment threads between the admin and an attendee is not private. If the admin allows a Pending or previously Dismissed question, the question and the associated comments will appear on the Projector Panel for everyone to view.  

If the attendee submits the question anonymously, admins can still send an Admin Replies to the question. However, the attendee will receive the reply in a pop-up. Once dismissed, the reply will be permanently removed from the attendee’s view and won’t appear as a comment in the Audience Web App.