Purchasing Annual Plans from your Workspace

This article covers: 
  • How to purchase annual plans from the Workspace? 
  • How to set up the Team Workspace? 
  • How to manage Team Settings? 

Annual plans are cost-effective options if you use Pigeonhole Live for multiple events in a year. Annual plans also come with a complimentary Team Workspace where you can collaborate seamlessly with your teammates to set up and manage your events.

Now, you can purchase Annual Pigeonhole Plans straight from your Personal Workspace without going through an account representative.  

How to purchase an annual plan from the Personal Workspace? 

1. Login to your Pigeonhole Live account and go to your Personal Workspace. Select Get an Annual Plan.  


You will be brought to the purchase page. You can find a comparison between the different annual plans we offer here. 

2. Select an annual plan of your choice.


Each annual plan comes with a Team Workspace and one complimentary user. To start collaborating with your team, you need to purchase additional users for your Team Workspace. 


3. Click on the dropdown next to the indicated price to view a summary of your purchase and enter your promo code, should you have one. 



4. Once you have selected the plan and the right number of additional users, click NextYou will be brought to the billing information page. Fill in your billing details, review and click Pay. 


Note: You can return to the previous step to make changes by simply clicking on the progress bar at the top of the page. 

5. Then, fill in your credit card information and click submit. 


You will be redirected to your bank’s authentication page to complete the payment. Once the payment is successful, you will be automatically redirected to your Team Workspace. 

How to set up the Team Workspace? 

Once you have completed the payment for your annual plan, you can instantly start setting up your Team Workspace. 


1. Start by creating a specific name for your team. 


2. If you purchased additional user seats, invite your team members to join your Team Workspace.


Once you have set up your Team Workspace, you can start collaborating with your team to set up Pigeonholes. 

3. You can create new Pigeonholes in your Team Workspace or transfer Pigeonholes from your Personal Workspace into your Team Workspace.

Simply click on + Add Pigeonhole in your Team Workspace, select Transfer, then select the specific Pigeonhole you wish to transfer over. 


How to manage Team Settings? 

To access information about your annual plan and Team Workspace, click on the drop-down on the top left-hand corner of the page and select Team Settings


Here, you can view and manage the following details: 

  • Team Details
  • Validity period of your annual plan
  • Add and remove team members
  • Edit billing information