Creating Saved Announcements

If you have several announcements to send during your event, you can create and save your announcements ahead of the event and send them out on the event day. 

All saved announcements will remain in the saved tab even after you have sent them, so you can resend them as many times as you like throughout the duration of your Pigeonhole. 

How to create Saved announcements?

Go to Workspace> Pigeonhole> Admin Panel. 

Click on the Controls icon at the top right-hand corner.


Under the Compose tab, draft your desired announcement. 


Then, select whether the announcement is to be sent to all attendees in the Pigeonhole or those in specific sessions. You can also choose to direct attendees to a specific poll or survey. 

Note: You will not be able to direct attendees to a session that has been deleted. 

Once you have completed drafting the announcement, click Save for later. Doing so will move the announcement to the Saved tab. You will also receive a confirmation message to inform you that the announcement has been saved. 

Note: You have to save an announcement before editing another announcement. 

If you wish the send the announcement immediately, click Send. You can access the sent announcements in the Sent tab anytime during the live duration of your Pigeonhole.

Saved tab 

The Saved tab will indicate how many saved announcements you have. 


To edit a saved announcement, click on More and select Edit. Make sure to save the announcement after you’ve made the necessary changes.


Note: For accounts with multiple users, if one user is editing an announcement and another user deletes it, the first user will be notified that the saved announcement has been deleted. 

You can also choose to send the announcement immediately after editing by clicking Send. You will receive a confirmation message to inform you that the announcement has been sent. 

To delete a saved announcement, click on more and select Delete. You will then receive a confirmation message saying the announcement has been deleted. 

Test Mode

Do note that you will be able to create and save announcements in Test Mode. All saved announcements will be retained even after Test Mode is switched off. 

However, any announcement that you test-send during Test Mode will be deleted once Test Mode is switched off.