Integrating Pigeonhole Live to Hopin

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This article covers: 
  • How to set up your event Pigeonhole?
  • How to integrate the Pigeonhole Live App on your Hopin event?

If you use Hopin to host your virtual, hybrid or in-person events, you can easily add Pigeonhole Live’s Audience Web App to power vibrant conversations, crowdsource questions, get feedback, and keep your audience engaged!

This integration supports all interactive features on Pigeonhole Live including Q&A, Chat, Reactions, Polls, Quizzes, Assessments, and Surveys.


For your convenience, we recommend that you set up your event Pigeonhole with the correct settings, before integrating Pigeonhole Live to your event on Hopin. 

How to set up your event Pigeonhole?

1. On the Pigeonhole Live Workspace, create a Pigeonhole and add your preferred interactive sessions. 

2. Then, go to More Settings > Attendees to enable the following settings in the Pigeonhole.

3. Under the Profile Information section, enable the setting Allow creating attendee profiles through embed. Click Save. Then, select + Add field to add and customise the fields you want to request from your attendees. You can set each field to optional or required, except for name (which is a required field by default). 


4. On the same page, scroll down under the Registrant Profiles section, enable the setting Enable registrant profile for this event and click Save.pigeonhole_new_2.png

5. Once saved, click on the drop-down next to the Add a registrant button and select Settings

6. In the pop-up that appears, enable the setting Allow adding new Registrant Profiles through embed and disable all other settings. 

7. Save your settings. 

8. Once you have set up your Session with the settings outlined above, click on the Agenda tab within your Sessions page, where you can find the Pass Code (1) and Session ID (2).


How to integrate the Pigeonhole Live to your Hopin event?

Once you have set up your Pigeonhole sessions, you can integrate Pigeonhole Live to Hopin following the steps below.

1. If you haven’t done so, you will first need to install the Pigeonhole Live app to your Hopin Organisation via the Hopin App Store. You can access the App Store by going to your Organisation Dashboard and under the Apps tab. Then, click on Discover More on the App Store.

Integrations-Hopin.png2. You can find the Pigeonhole Live app under the Polls & Surveys category, or follow this link to go directly to the app listing. Click Install app to add the Pigeonhole Live app to your Organisation.

pigeonhole.png3. Then, navigate to your Event Dashboard on Hopin > Venue > Stage, Session or Expo and fill in the relevant details for your Pigeonhole integration.

4. You will need to check Pigeonhole Live Enabled option as well as provide the Tab Name (example "Pigeonhole"), Pass Code, and the Session ID. 


You can find the Pass Code (1) and Session ID (2) on your Pigeonhole Live Workspace under the Agenda tab.

5. After saving the Pigeonhole details in your Event Dashboard, you will be able to access Pigeonhole Live’s Audience Web App within your Hopin Event: