Creating Word Clouds on the Pigeonhole Live app for Zoom 

This article covers:
  • How to create a word cloud from the Admin View?
  • How to edit a word cloud from the Admin View?

How to create a word cloud from the Admin View?

1. Click on the +Add a poll button at the top of the window. 


2. Select Word cloud.


3. Enter a name for your word cloud, i.e. Gratitude word cloud, ice breaker word cloud, and then add a word cloud question. 


4. Then, set a limit for the number of words per entry and number of characters per word for your word cloud submissions. 

Zoom_%2B_Regular_Session___Wordcloud_creation_-_5.1_copy.png5. Finally, select your word cloud settings for anonymous responses and answer filtering. 

Note: The setting for anonymous responses cannot be disabled at the moment. The setting will be updated soon to allow meeting owners to disable anonymous responses.

If you enable answer filtering, all word cloud submissions will first appear in the Admin View for you to Allow, Dismiss, or Edit, before publishing it on the word cloud in the Audience View and Projector View. 

Zoom_%2B_Regular_Session___Wordcloud_creation_-_5.2.pngThen, select whether you would like to allow unlimited submissions per attendee or set a maximum limit of number of submissions per attendee.

6. Click Save to finish creating your word cloud. 

Admin View for live word cloud

Once created, the word cloud will appear in the agenda page on the Admin View. Meeting owners and hosts can click into the session to view the live word cloud in the Admin View.


If answer filtering is turned on, hosts can allow and dismiss the answers in the Admin View. 


Attendee View for live word cloud

The word cloud will also appear in the agenda page in the Attendee View.


Meeting participants can click into the session to view the live word cloud and submit answers to the word cloud.


How to edit a word cloud from the Admin View?

With the Edit button, you can easily make changes to:

  • Poll name 
  • Poll question
  • Poll settings

There are two ways to edit a Word cloud session.

1. In the Agenda page, click on the Edit button for the poll session you want to edit.


2. Alternatively, you can click directly on the poll session you want to edit.


3. Then, click on the Controls icon.


4. Under Session settings, click on the Edit button.


5. You can edit the Poll name, poll question and/or settings here.


Note: We recommend not to make any changes to the “Question” once your meeting is live to avoid any question or answer mismatch. Any changes you make to the Poll settings during the meeting will only take effect on new responses submitted after the changes are saved. 

6. Save your edits by clicking Save poll.


7. A confirmation prompt will appear once you have successfully made your edits.


8. If you decide not to make any edits, simply click Cancel.


9. A prompt will appear for you to confirm your decision. If you click Leave, any edits made will not be saved. If you choose to Stay on Page, you can continue editing the Word Cloud poll.


Admin View after edit


Attendee View after edit