Data and Permissions Policy & Organisation-level Settings for the Pigeonhole Live app for Zoom

This article covers:
  • Data and permissions policy
  • Organisation-level settings and permissions

Data and permissions policy 

We collect the following permissions and data: 

Collection of data and permissions 

The Pigeonhole Live app for Zoom Meetings requires three scopes to function, namely View Meetings, View User Information, and Enable Zoom app within Zoom Meeting Client. A full list of APIs corresponding to the abovementioned scopes can be found here.

However, we only collect and store the following information for each scope:

  • View meetings - Retrieve information about the meeting (meeting:read); Meeting Details - meetingID, meetingUUID, meeting topic, meeting timezone
  • View user information - Retrieve user profile (user:read). Under this scope we only access the following: first name, last name, email.
  • Enable Zoom app within Zoom Meeting Client - Required for all Zoom Apps (zoomapp:inmeeting). We access the following: role, screen name

Deletion and removal of user data 

When the Pigeonhole Live app is uninstalled and deauthorized, all information collected will be deleted from our database except for the following: 

  • meetingID and meetingUUID if a Pigeonhole was successfully created for a meeting
  • Attendee’s first name and last name or screen name, which will be saved in the post meeting insights in the Pigeonhole Live Workspace

Organisation-level settings and permissions

Zoom Account admins can set and manage the app permissions and policies for their users following the instructions here.

Account admins are also recommended to whitelist the following domains to ensure that the Pigeonhole Live app for Zoom works without any disruptions: