Can participants change survey answers?



Your participants can now change their survey responses as many times as they'd like before submitting the survey.


1. Your participants have the option to go back by one question by clicking the Previous button.



Clicking Previous on the first question of the survey will bring the participant back to the pre-survey page, as shown below.


If the participant wishes to resume the survey, they can simply click on the resume button.


2. Clicking Skip allows the participant to skip a survey question. If the question was previously answered, clicking Skip will remove all data for that question.

If the participant clicks Skip after entering content in an open-text question, an alert message will be prompted, as shown below.



3. Clicking Next allows the participant to proceed to the next question. The Next button will be replaced by a Submit on the last question of the survey, as shown below.



Note: Once the survey has been submitted, no changes will be allowed.