How to customise pigeonhole settings for Team Workspaces?



Customise Pigeonhole Settings helps you manage compliance to organisational policies on your Team Workspace. Learn more about this feature in this article

Customise Pigeonhole Settings is available as an add-on to Enterprise Plans. For more information on enabling this function in your contract, please contact your account representative.

Do note that the Customise Pigeonhole Settings function is only available to the Team Owner and Team Lead. Once the settings are customised by the Team Owner/ Lead, it will apply universally to all new Pigeonholes created under that contract.

Click on the drop-down menu on the top-left corner of your account > Workspace Settings> Pigeonhole Settings.



Below are the available aspects of customisation that you can enable depending on your organisation’s requirements and needs.

1. Enforcing anonymity

If your organisation has strict anonymity clauses, you can prevent any potential breach by enforcing anonymity on all Pigeonholes to prevent your team members from accidentally collecting attendee personal data. By enabling the anonymity setting for a Pigeonhole, you disable all features that requires attendees to share personally identifiable information.

Pigeonhole Settings>Under the Anonymity section, select Enforce Anonymity> Click Save. 


When Enforce Anonymity is enabled under Customise Pigeonhole Settings the following changes will be automatically applied:

  1. Pigeonhole> Agenda > Sessions: Anonymous Responses will be selected for all sessions, including templates and locked from further changes.Screen_Shot_2019-01-04_at_11.50.58_AM.png
  2. Pigeonhole > More Settings > Attendees: Allow attendees to create profiles will be unselected and locked from further changes.Screen_Shot_2020-03-25_at_10.47.21_AM.png
  3. Pigeonhole > More Settings > Attendees: Allow attendees to consent to the collection and use of their data will be unselected and locked from further changes.Screen_Shot_2019-01-04_at_11.47.28_AM.png
  4. Pigeonhole > More Settings > Attendees: Enable Registrant Profiles will be unselected and locked from further changes.how_to_customise_pigeonhole_for_team_1.png
  5. Audience Web App: Attendees will not be able to see the profile information form.
  6. Pigeonhole> More Settings > Security: Require attendee code when signing in will be unselected and unchangeable due to conflicting terms.how_to_customise_pigeonhole_for_team_2.png

2. Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) for all new Pigeonholes

For your convenience, you can centrally customise attendee sign-in permissions to each Pigeonhole by specifying the attendee SSO profiles.

Note: This setting is in conflict with Enforce Anonymity. If Enable SSO for all new Pigeonholes is selected, Enforce Anonymity will be disabled.

Pigeonhole Settings > SSO for audience > Enable Attendee Single Sign-on for all new Pigeonholes > Select a specific attendee SSO profile, click Save.


When Enable Attendee Single Sign-on for all new Pigeonholes is selected under Customise Pigeonhole Settings, the following changes will be automatically applied:


  1. Pigeonhole > More Settings > Security: Attendee SSO Profile will be selected and changeable. Require attendee code when signing in will be disabled as it is in conflict with SSO. Screen_Shot_2020-06-30_at_6.35.17_PM.png
  2. Audience Web App: Attendees will need to sign in via SSO
  3. Pigeonhole> More Settings > Attendees: Allow Attendees to create profiles will be selected and changeable. However, further changes in Name and Email field under the Attendee Profiles will be disallowed as it is the required fields for SSO.Screen_Shot_2019-01-07_at_3.25.44_PM.png
  4. Pigeonhole > More Settings > Attendees: Enable Registrant Profiles will be unselected and cannot be changed as it conflicts with SSO. how_to_customise_pigeonhole_for_team_1.png

3. Managing Pigeonhole appearance

Ensure that your team members comply with your branding requirements by making your custom branding the default look of your Pigeonhole. You can also make certain brandings available for selection on the Pigeonholes or completely remove them.

Pigeonhole Settings > Appearance.

a. Annual Branding

If your contract includes annual branding options, you can enable it as the default appearance of your Pigeonholes.

When you have multiple annual branding for your Pigeonholes, you can enable one to be the default branding, while making the other available for selection in your Pigeonholes. Don't forget to click Save after changing your selections.


This will allow your team members to change to a different appearance option (eg. No Branding) on the Pigeonhole > Appearance.


If you enable a default branding, while disabling all other branding options, your team members will not be able to change to a different appearance option on the Pigeonhole > Appearance.

b. One-time custom branding

If you purchased a one-time custom branding for one Pigeonhole, your account representative will enable the custom branding for your Pigeonhole, for the contracted period, overriding your appearance settings under Customise Pigeonhole Settings.

Note: If you do not select any annual or one-time branding to be the default appearance, the Pigeonhole branding will be applied by default to your Pigeonholes.


4. Managing Integrations

Customise and manage external integrations to your Pigeonholes centrally, based on your organisation’s preferences. Enable integrations that your company is allowed to share information with and disable integrations to platforms that your company does not have an agreement to share information with. 

Note: The availability of integrations will be subject to your Pigeonhole Plan.


Pigeonhole > Customise Pigeonhole Settings > Integrations. Enable and disable integrations from the list of available integrations accordingly. Don't forget to click Save after changing your preferences.