How do I duplicate a Pigeonhole?




If you run similar events regularly, you can save time by simply duplicating a Pigeonhole and customising the necessary details. When you duplicate a Pigeonhole, the following will be copied over from the selected Pigeonhole to the new Pigeonhole:

  • All sessions
  • Appearance settings
  • Event settings
  • Speaker profiles
  • Integrations
  1. This feature is limited to Team Accounts with a valid contract.
  2. The duplication of Pigeonholes are also limited to your subscription tier (eg. You will not be able to duplicate a Captivate Pigeonhole for a Team Account with an Engage or Manage contract.)


To duplicate a Pigeonhole:

  1. Go to your Team Workspace and search for the Pigeonhole you wish to duplicate at the Search Bar.
  2. Once you have found the Pigeonhole, click on the vertical ellipsis on the bottom-right corner and select "Duplicate" in the drop-down menu.Screenshot_2019-06-11_at_4.18.04_PM.png
  3. You will be brought to the Duplicate Pigeonhole page with all the details of the Pigeonhole filled in. Once you have customised the necessary details of the Pigeonhole, select “Duplicate”.Screen_Shot_2018-10-15_at_3.56.44_PM.png
  4. You will then see the pop-up below. Select “View Agenda”.Screen_Shot_2018-10-15_at_3.33.33_PM.png
  5. The Agenda page contains all the duplicated sessions in the Pigeonhole. You can customise each session or add new sessions as per your requirements.