How to view Audit Logs




Only Team Owners and Team Leads can view and access the Team's Audit Logs.

1. Select a Team Workspace.

2. Click on Workspace Settings.


3. Click on Audit Logs. 


4. Every action that happens across Pigeonholes in your team, and changes to your Workspace Settings, are logged and displayed in the Audit Logs. This can be useful for reviewing changes made to your Pigeonholes and Team account. To help you browse and find specific entries, you can filter by date, users, or Pigeonholes.


5. Click on a row to dive deeper into the details of the log.


From time to time, to better support you in your requests, we may access your account and help with certain requested actions. We are mindful of the confidentiality of your data.

For accountability, any actions made by our support or sales team will be logged and reflected in your Audit Logs.