How to create a Quiz



1. Go to the Agenda in your Pigeonhole, and click on Add session. Choose the Poll session type.


2. Input Poll information. Under Poll Settings, choose Poll type Quiz.


This will be shown as the title of the Quiz session on the agenda. 

Start and End Time
Your session automatically goes live at the start time, and closes at the end time. When a session is live, your audience will be able to enter the session. However, quiz set to run on presenter’s pace will only begin when the admin clicks on Start poll.

You can add Speaker Profiles to be reflected on the agenda, so your audience has more context about who is involved in this Quiz session.


3. Add the Poll questions for your Quiz. 


Poll Question
Type in the question you'd like to poll your audience.

Answer Options
Type in the options that your audience can select. You can create up to 6 options by default. 

Mark as correct
Select the correct answer by marking it as correct. Only one answer can be marked correct.

Poll question limits per quiz

Basic Plan 5 quiz questions
Manage, Engage, and Captivate Plans Unlimited quiz questions
Enterprise Plan Unlimited quiz questions



4. Choose between Presenter pace and Audience pace for your quiz. 

Presenter pace
The Audience Web App is synced to the presenter's screen. Attendees will thus move to the next question together, at the pace of the presenter's choice.

On this pace, you can also choose to set a time limit for the audience to answer each question. With the timer on, the audience will advance to the next question automatically after each question's time is up. 

Audience Pace
The audience is allowed to participate in the quiz at their own pace, and the Audience Web App is not synced to the presenter's screen.

5. Remember to click Add Poll to save!