How to show audience login instructions



To login to your Pigeonhole Audience Web App, all your audience has to do is:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the event passcode that you have customised for them

Show login instructions from the Projector Panel

  1. Open the Projector Panel from the Run page and select your session.
  2. By default, the login instructions is shown when there are no audience responses in the session yet.
  3. To show the login instructions any time during the session, tap on "w" on your keyboard.


Alternatively, you can also click on Screens on the bottom bar, and choose Sign-in instructions.



Show your audience customised introduction slides 

We've also made available for you customised slides that show your audience login instructions to your specific Pigeonhole. 

You can download these slides on the Run page, under Resources for briefing the audience.