How to filter questions on the Admin Panel




1. Enable Question Filtering from the Admin Panel

To have Filtering enabled right from the start of the session, you can enable it when setting up your Q&A session.

To enable Filtering midway through your live Q&A, click on the Controls icon.

Q_A_controls_icon.png Under Session settings, Question Filtering is disabled. 


You can toggle on the Question Filtering slider to enable it.


See when your audience is typing their questions

There is a Typing Indicator beside the Allowed Questions that shows you how many attendees are typing. Get ready to filter questions that are coming in.


2. Allow, Edit, or Dismiss Questions from the Questions Pending tab

Click on the Questions Pending Tab on the left of the Admin Panel. This shows all the questions that have been submitted by your audience, and is pending your approval. 

Click on "Allow" to approve a question. This allows the question to be seen on the Audience Web App, the Projector Panel, as well as the Moderator Panel. 


How to navigate the new Admin Panel


1 - Pending Questions

When Filtering is enabled, all questions submitted by your audience first goes to the Question Pending tab. From here, you can choose to Allow, Edit, or Dismiss any question.

When you edit a question, it remains in this tab and will still be unseen by your audience until you choose to Allow it.


Once you Allow the question, it will appear in the Allowed tab.


If you choose to Dismiss the question, it will appear in the Dismissed tab.


2 - Allowed Questions

You can access the questions that you Allow in this tab. Note that the allowed questions are also shown on all other Pigeonhole Live interfaces: Projector Panel, Audience Web App, and Moderator Panel.

3 - Dismissed Questions

You can access the questions you Dismiss in this tab. Dismissed questions are not shown to the audience. 

If you would like to Allow a dismissed question, simply click on Allow on the right-hand side. The question will immediately be moved to the Allowed tab. 

4 - Question Filtering Slider

You can enable or disable Question Filtering easily from here. Your settings take effect from the next question submitted; they do not apply retrospectively.