How do I embed the Audience Web App on my website?




If you are organising a video conference, webinar, or have a website where you wish to engage attendees, you can easily embed Pigeonhole Live Audience Web App onto the web page. This way, visitors to your website or online event can participate too.

We generate a HTML/JavaScript code that you can pass to your website team to integrate easily.

How to get embed code

In your Pigeonhole:

  1. Go to Integrations page

  2. Under "Embed Audience Web App", click "Integrate". 

In the "Embed Audience Web App" pop-up, you will see the following options:

Option Description
Session You can choose a default session to appear on the page. Alternatively, if you select none, the Agenda page will be shown instead.
Width The minimum width required is 320px. You can however customise it to a number larger than that.
Height The minimum height required is 400px. You can however customise it to a number larger than that.
  1. Once you specify your options, click on "Get embed code". A dialog will appear, with the exact code and instructions to send to your website team.

Multiple embeds on the same web page

You can embed multiple Pigeonhole Live Audience Web App on the same web page. You could specify different sessions within the same Pigeonhole, or even from another Pigeonhole. For the required code, please send us a support ticket, and we'll advise on the code.

Special attention to your Pigeonhole participant limit

By default, each Pigeonhole has a limit of 1,000 participants. If you were to embed Pigeonhole Live into your web page, and more than 1,000 participants are expected to access the web page, please send us a support ticket, or speak to your account manager.

Each web page hit might lead to a unique participant being registered on our backend. If 1,000 participants have already been logged, new loads will return a "Maximum participant limit reached" error.