How to add a Twitter Wall to my Pigeonhole?



Create a Twitter Wall to collect, curate, and display tweets about your event. It works with up to 3 hashtags and/or mentions, and displays using the Projector Panel.


You can create one Twitter Wall for each Pigeonhole.



  1. In your Pigeonhole, go to the Integrations page. Under Twitter Wall, click on "Integrate". 

  2. Type in the hashtags and/or mentions you'd like to display (maximum 3).

  3. Click "Save" and it's done!

Now, public tweets from your chosen hashtags and/or users are automatically pulled to your Twitter Wall for live display.


  • Your Twitter Wall only pulls new tweets from the time that it is created, and does not pull older tweets posted from before.
  • Only tweets from public accounts can be pulled.
  • There is a limit of 1000 tweets per Wall.


How to display the Twitter Wall


  1. Go to the Run page. Open the Projector Panel.

  2. Load the correct session by clicking on Twitter Wall. 

  3. Any new tweets with your added hashtags or mentions will be displayed here. 

For more control over the content shown, you can filter the tweets displayed on your Twitter Wall.