Attendee List

Attendee List provides you with the list of signed-in attendees and the corresponding demographic information that you collect during the sign-in process, in real-time.

This feature is automatically available on all new Manage Pigeonholes and above. Users on Basic Pigeonholes can access this feature by purchasing an upgrade to the Engagement Insights. 


Accessing your Attendee List 

To access your Attendee List, go to Pigeonhole> Insights> Attendees. 

To enable the collection of attendee information you need to enable attendee sign-in. Follow the instructions below to turn on Allow Sign-in. 

Enabling Attendee Sign-in

Go to Pigeonhole> More Settings> Attendees> Profile Information. 

Select Allow attendees to sign in as shown below. 



Signing in

The collection of attendee information is subject to the attendees signing in when using Pigeonhole Live. Once your attendees sign in, their names and information fields will automatically appear in the Attendee List as shown below. 


If your attendees choose to remain anonymous and do not sign in the Attendee List will not be populated with their demographic information as shown below. 


Obtaining Consent 

To ensure compliance with GDPR and Singapore's PDPA when collecting and storing attendee information, please enable the Require attendees to consent to the collection and use of their data option. 

Go to Pigeonhole> More Settings> Attendees> Obtain Consent for Attendee Information.  


Note: If attendees sign-in using pre-created attendee profiles or single sign-on, consent is pre-supposed on the part of the organiser. In these cases, you will notice N/A under the consent field in the Attendee List. 

If an attendee consents to the collection of information, the consent column in the Attendee List will reflect their consent with Yes

If the consent field is unchecked, you will not see a consent column in the Attendee List. 


Information Fields in Attendee List

The information fields that appear in the Attendee List are the attendee sign-in time (which always appears in the first column) and demographic information that you choose to obtain from your attendees.

You can customise these information fields by going to Pigeonhole> More Settings> Attendees> Profile Information. This article will guide you in setting up the information fields. 

If attendees sign in with Attendee Code, the Attendee List will also contain an Attendee Code column.


Test Mode

Note that Attendee List is only available when Test Mode is turned off. 


Excel Reports 

You can export the Attendee List as an Excel report containing the same data points to analyse the data after the event has ended.