Activating and Displaying Starred Responses

Starred Responses is a content curation feature that allows moderators to highlight questions and responses they want speaker(s) to prioritise.

Starred Responses is available in Q&A sessions (Starred Questions) and Open-ended Polls (Starred Responses) for all Pigeonholes. 

This article will guide you through the activation and display for Starred Questions in Q&A sessions. The steps can be replicated for Starred Responses in Open-ended Polls. 

Activating Starred Questions

Admin Panel 

Go to your Pigeonhole> Session> Run your event> Admin Panel> Allowed tab. 

Click on the star icon on top of each question to "star" the question.


Simply drag the slide bar to enable Show starred questions only. 


Moderator Panel 

You can "star" questions from the Moderator Panel only if Ability to star questions is switched on. Click on the options button on the top right corner of the page to open to option panel, and switch on Ability to star questions under Advanced Settings. 


Once the Ability to star questions is turned on, you can click on the star icon on the question to "star" questions. 

On the Moderator Panel, Starred Questions will be indicated with an orange star icon and have a highlighted grid. 

Note: The Starred Responses will replace the highlight function that was previously available on the Moderator Panel. 


You can toggle between the All questions view and Starred question only view on the Moderator Panel from the options panel found at the top right corner of the page.


Do note that the hide questions option has been removed from the Moderator Panel.

Displaying Starred Questions on the Projector Panel 

Admin Panel

To activate the Starred questions view on the Projector Panel from the Admin Panel, click on the Controls icon at the top right-hand corner of the page. 


Under the Controls setting click on Projector followed by the Control button.


Once the Control button is clicked, you will see Other options.

5b_Activating_and_Displaying_Starred_Responses.pngAfter clicking Other options, there will be a drop down where you can see Starred questions.

5c_Activating_and_Displaying_Starred_Responses.pngYou can choose to select Starred questions.


Projector Panel 

On the Projector Panel, starred questions and responses will appear in the All question view. 

You can toggle between the Starred questions view and the All Questions view from the Projector Panel during the session using the display button. 



However, on the Projector Panel, starred questions will not be marked to distinguish them from unstarred questions. 

Do note that you cannot "star" questions on the Projector Panel. The ability to "star" questions is only available on the Admin Panel and Moderator Panel.