How does Assessment work?

Assessment allows you to test your participants' knowledge with a series of correct-answer questions and have access to their scores.

Setting up

  1. Create an Assessment on your agenda, choosing Poll: Assessment under Sessions.
  2. Add questions and answer options.
  3. Save Assessments. 

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to set up an Assessment.

Completing Assessment [Audience Web App]

When your assessment participants log in to the Audience Web App, they can select the assessment they want to take.

They will be presented with a series of multiple-choice questions that you have set up. Your participants can complete the assessment at their own pace. Once they have chosen the answer, they can click Submit.


A prompt will appear for them to confirm on submission of their answer.


Once they have completed the assessment your participants will be presented with a summary page which shows their total score and the correct answer for each question (shown below).


Reviewing Scores [Projector Panel]

At the end of your training session or lesson, if you wish to review the answers to the assessment question with your participants, you can do so on the Projector Panel.


Scoring for Assessment

When the Assessment is completed, your participants will see their individual scores on their Audience Web App.

As the trainer or administrator, you will be able to see the overall results on the Admin Panel.


The results are also shown on the Projector Panel. 


Here's a summary of the scoring options for each panel. 

Interface  Results shown

Admin Panel 

Projector Panel

  • Total participant count
  • Average score
  • Highest score
  • Number of participants with the highest score
Audience Web App
  • Individual participant's total score
  • Answers that they chose for each question
  • Correct answers for each question


Assessment Reports  

You can download a PDF or Excel report that details each participant's total score and answers for each question once the Assessment session is over.