Attendee Join Rate and the Waiting Room

Applies for all plans. 

What is the Attendee Join Rate?

To ensure that the platform operates efficiently and provides a high quality of service for all users, Pigeonhole Live limits the number of attendees who join a Pigeonhole every 10 seconds. This is the Attendee Join Rate of the Pigeonhole and this limit differs according to your workspace's plan.

The Attendee Join Rate for each plan is as follows:

Workspace Plan Attendee Join Rate
Free (Personal Workspace) 50 attendees per 10 seconds
Pro 125 attendees per 10 seconds
Business 125 attendees per 10 seconds
Engage 300 attendees per 10 seconds
Captivate 300 attendees per 10 seconds
Enterprise 650 attendees per 10 seconds


The Waiting Room

When an attendee outside of that limit joins the Pigeonhole, they will be redirected to a Waiting Room where they can see an estimate of how long before they can enter the Pigeonhole and the number of people ahead of them. 

The Waiting Room