What is Pigeonhole Status?

Applies for all plans 

What is Pigeonhole Status?

Pigeonholes can have a variety of statuses that convey information about what is happening to the Pigeonhole and what actions the workspace user can take. A Pigeonhole's status generally changes throughout it's lifecycle. For example, a freshly created Pigeonhole will be 'New' while it will become 'Ended' after all its active sessions have ended. 

Pigeonholes with various statuses

Types of Statuses

Type Description Note
Pigeonholes / Archive 


Pigeonhole created and no sessions added yet



Pigeonhole created and sessions added. First session has not started



Pigeonhole created and first session has started OR in between active session periods



All active sessions have ended



7 days after Pigeonhole End Date



Pigeonhole has been manually moved to Trash. Insights available for download

  • Becomes Read-only after
    • 60 days: Basic, One-time Engage, and One-time Captivate in Personal Workspace
    • 180 days: Pro, Business, Engage or Captivate Pigeonholes
  • Can be restored to Pigeonholes page
  • Option to be permanently deleted manually


Organisation Homepage (for Enterprise plans only)


Pigeonhole has been permanently deleted. Only non-personal aggregated data retained