Workspace Analytics

Available for all plans except Personal Workspaces

What is Workspace Analytics?

Workspace Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics page provides an overview of your Workspace and its performance by collating data from across Pigeonholes in a workspace, divided into sections, each displaying different aspects of workspace data. Analytics in this page are updated once a day, and the time of update will be shown in the upper left hand corner. 

Whether you are an Organisation Admin, Workspace Owner, or Member, this dashboard is designed to empower you with insights to make data-driven decisions, supporting your workspace management even more effectively. 

Getting started

The Analytics page is available for all plans except Personal Workspaces. To access Analytics in an applicable workspace, log in to your Workspace and navigate to the Analytics section via the top header navigation.

Access your Workspace Analytics via Dashboard

Use the Date Range filter to select a desired period, which will reflect for all data across the page. 

Understanding Insights


The first section you’ll see is the Overview, which contains the top-level summary of your Workspace statistics. This is the total sum of all the participants, interactions, and pigeonholes in the time period selected to date. 


This section takes a closer look at the breakdown of the session, interaction, and participant types across all Pigeonholes in your workspace. 

Total Sessions are the number of different session types utilised in your workspace. 

Total Interactions are the number of audience-created actions across your workspace, and can help you discover what are the most engaging actions that your audience prefers. 

For an even closer look at what makes up individual interaction categories: 

  • Question and Answers
    • Audience-submitted questions in Q&A sessions
    • Audience-submitted responses in Poll: Open-ended
    • Questions marked answered in Q&A sessions
  • Comments
    • Audience-submitted comments in Q&A and Poll sessions
    • Admin-generated replies 
  • Votes
    • Upvotes & Downvotes for Responses and Comments 
    • Word cloud votes

  • Reactions
  • Ratings
  • Survey
    • Number of completed survey submissions
  • Chat 
    • Chat messages
    • Chat replies

Total Participants measure the number of signed in versus non-signed in participants. 

Pigeonholes created displays the number of Pigeonholes created on a monthly basis. 

Pigeonholes lists all Pigeonholes with event dates that fall within the selected time period, and allows you to compare the session, interaction, and participant types between them. Some use cases are searching for and comparing across different Townhalls in a Workspace using either Pigeonhole name or Passcode as search terms.