How do I filter questions?



You can allow, edit, or dismiss questions using Filtering. 

How does Filtering work?

With Filtering enabled: When an attendee submits a question on the Audience Web App, a prompt will inform him/her that the question is awaiting moderation. The question then appears only on the Admin Panel. The admin can then choose to allow, edit, or dismiss the question.

When the admin allows the question, it will appear to the audience on all the panels.

When a question is dismissed, the question will never appear to the audience. It cannot be seen on the Audience Web App nor the Moderator and Projector Panels. The attendee who posted the question is not notified that his/her question has been dismissed. 

The admin can also choose to edit the question, and then allow it.

How can I enable or disable question filtering?

There are two ways you can do this:

  1. When adding or editing the Q&A session, you can enable or disable question filtering in the Q&A options, or
  2. Using the Admin Panel, select the Q&A session, then click on the Settings button (top-right icon with 3 horizontal lines), then toggle the question filtering option

You can enable or disable question filtering anytime, even when the Q&A session is ongoing/live. The setting applies to any new questions submitted.

When should I use question filtering?

This feature is useful when you wish to curate and control the content in the Q&A session. Some examples include:

  • Limiting questions to certain topics only
  • Maintaining a certain quality of the question content, editing any spelling or grammatical errors
  • Preventing offensive or inappropriate questions

Question filtering essentially provides the ease of mind knowing you'll never be caught in a situation where an unwanted question is up on the Projector Panel.