How do I monitor engagement levels during my live event?



By looking at the Participants count on the main Insights page, you'll be able to determine very quickly if your audience are entering Pigeonhole Live. If few people are signing in, you'll naturally get very low engagement for the event.

At the start of your event, the Participants count would be low, likely consisting of only your team members. Once your emcee announces the instructions (or through any other forms of announcement), informing attendees to sign into the Audience Web App with your event passcode, this Participant count should start rising.

To help you with this, we also provide a range of resources, such as an Introduction PowerPoint slide, and an Emcee script, that you can use when guiding your attendees to sign into Pigeonhole Live. Access this through the Run page.

Encouraging more engagement

Ideally, you should aim for at least 50% of your audience to sign into the Audience Web App. If you don't see the number rising to about 50% of your audience, it's likely your audience have not caught on to the instructions the first time.

This is when you might have to remind them again on how to sign in to Pigeonhole Live. You can do this multiple times prior to each Speaker session or before each Q&A. It is also helpful for the Moderator of a panel discussion to continuously encourage participation from the audience.

There are more ways to encourage attendee participation

  1. Answer as many questions are you can. If people see that questions submitted do get addressed, they are more likely to post their own questions too.

  2. Allow anonymity. Often, there may be sensitivities in raising certain issues. Without anonymity, people may also be concerned with how others may perceive their question - as a stupid question or not. This may pull such people back from ever posting their question.

  3. Project the Projector Panel interface in the event venue. Those who are not on Pigeonhole Live, upon seeing the questions, will be encouraged to go in.

Sometimes, a lack of engagement could be due to the nature of the session topic, or speaker. Use this as a useful positive feedback for follow-up events.