Introduction to Insights

Insights on your Dashboard give you a glimpse into the user activity on Pigeonhole Live throughout your event. You can use these insights to monitor user activity as your event progresses and take the necessary steps to drive audience engagement. After your event ends, you can download the data in PDF and Excel, and share them with your team.

Insights is not available during Test Mode.

Each Pigeonhole has it's own Insights section. Within the Pigeonhole setup, click on the Insights link on the side navigation. Once on the main Insights page, you'll see, at a quick glance, your engagement levels broken into 4 key metrics:

Participants Number of attendees that have signed into your Pigeonhole. The numbers take into account unique devices as well, so in some situations, this may be inflated by attendees who access your Pigeonhole on multiple devices.

Learn more about understanding participant count numbers.
Q&A questions Total number of questions submitted by attendees across all Q&A interactive sessions.
Poll votes Total number of votes cast across all Poll interactive sessions. This includes multiple votes within a Poll (when enabled).
Completed surveys Total completed survey responses, across all Survey interactive sessions. There may be more partially complete responses, but those do not count to this number.

(The numbers shown here do not update on it's own. To see the updated counts, reload your page.)

You'll also see a list of interactive sessions that you've set up for this Pigeonhole. Organised into Q&A, Poll and Survey sections, you'll see a quick overview of the engagement for each session. To view the responses captured for each session, click on the name of the session.

You can also download the PDF or Excel exports of each session by clicking on the respective buttons.

There's also a useful function to download the PDF and Excel exports of all sessions in a zip file. Click on the button Export all responses on the top right of the page to access this function. It might take a few seconds to generate this file, but once it's ready, the file will download immediately.

For accounts with a dedicated account rep, or those on our elevated enterprise support plan, we can permanently perform a data wipe of all the responses captured in your Pigeonhole, at a time of your choosing. If you're interested to find out more, please reach out to your account managers for more information.