Verifying your email address

This article covers: 
  • How to verify your email address?

How to verify your email address? 

1. Once you have signed up for a Pigeonhole Live account, you will receive a verification email. If you do not verify your email address, you will not be able to receive important account-related information such as Pigeonhole deletion notifications, purchase receipts etc. 

2. The simplest way to verify your email is by clicking on the link provided in the verification email.

3. Alternatively, you can copy the alphanumeric code provided in the same email and enter the code in the notification bar on your Workspace as shown below. 


The notification bar will be removed once you verify your email address. 


Note: Your email will be made unverified if an email sent to you by Pigeonhole Live bounces. In such an event, the verification banner will appear again and you will also receive a dashboard notification informing you that your email has been unverified.