Maximising survey responses during an event

So you've created a survey and you hope to capture as many feedback from as many attendee as possible. What strategies can you employ to maximise survey responses? In this article, we'll share some useful methods.

1. Open it earlier for attendees to begin submitting responses

Don't wait till the event has ended before opening up the survey. Allow for spontaneous submission of responses during the day. Attendees can resume an incomplete survey so they can perhaps do the first half of the survey that is applicable for the morning's activities, and continue again near the end of the day for the rest.

2. Extend the survey for a few days after the event

All Pigeonholes come with a one week duration. If your event only lasts one day, use the extra 6 days to let attendees complete the survey. You can easily link to the survey on the Audience Web App in your post-event follow-up emails.

3. Leverage the Kiosk interface for surveys

The Kiosk interface supports surveys. You can set up iPad Kiosks with the survey set up, and let attendees complete the survey. Alternatively, you can assign some members of your team to roam the grounds, and engage attendees one-on-one during breaks, and complete the survey on their behalf.

4. Incentivise by giving a door gift to those who complete the survey

When an attendee has completed a survey, if you try entering the survey again, it remembers you have completed it before. You can easily use this form of confirmation on the attendee's device to give a door gift to those that has completed the survey.

5. Dedicate a time during your event solely for completing the survey

Similar to how you set aside time for tea breaks and speaker sessions, set aside a short 15 minute period for an activity around completing your survey.

6. Let attendees leave only after they have completed the survey

This may sound quite draconian, but in reality, some events may be able to pull this off.


The beauty of our survey interactive session is that you can collect hundreds of responses, and generate the results with a single click of a button. That includes downloading the results for offline review and sharing too!