Setting up the Admin Panel

This article covers:
  • What are the setup requirements for the Admin Panel? 
  • How to set up the Admin Panel? 

What are the setup requirements for the Admin Panel? 

The Admin Panel requires a stable Internet connection. For best performance and reliability, we recommend opening the Admin Panel in Chrome or Firefox browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer, ensure that it is version 9 or above. The recommended resolution for the Admin Panel is at least 1024 × 768 pixels.

How to set up the Admin Panel? 

To set up the Admin Panel:

1. On your Workspace, go to your event Pigeonhole. Select 3. Run your event


2. Click on the Admin Panel button to launch the Admin Panel in a new tab. 


If you have the Admin Panel URL, you can directly enter the URL into the address bar (e.g.

3. On the Agenda page of the Admin Panel, you can see details like the date, start and end time, location for the different sessions and session type. You can click to enter a session and manage it. 


4. You can also use the search and filter function to easily find your sessions on the Admin Panel agenda page. 

Simply enter your session name into the Search box or click on the Filter button to filter your sessions by status, type, or date. You can use multiple filters at a time and the search results will also display nested sessions.