Setting up the Admin Panel

The Admin Panel requires an Internet connection. For best performance and reliability,we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer, ensure that it is version 9 or above. The recommended resolution is at least 1024 × 768 pixels.

To set up the Admin Panel:

  1. Launch an Internet browser on your tablet.
  2. Enter the Admin Panel URL into the address bar (e.g. The Admin Panel URL can be found in your Dashboard, on the Run page of the relevant Pigeonhole.


  3. Select a session to load.

The Admin Panel is only necessary to use if you have filtering enabled for a Q&A or open text Poll session. Always check with the speaker or moderator before enabling or disabling filtering. To check if question or response filtering is enabled:

  • Tap on the menu button to open the Options pane.

  • Question or response filtering is enabled if the switch shows a tick:

  • If you see a cross, this means that question or response filtering is not enabled: