Running your event

When you’re ready to run your event or conduct your technical run, go to the Pigeonhole for this event and click on “Run” in the navigation menu.


On the Run page, you will see a list of interfaces that you can use to manage and display audience responses throughout your event. They are the Audience Web App, Projector Panel, Moderator Panel, Admin Panel and Kiosk (if Kiosk has been enabled for your Pigeonhole). You can open each of these interfaces from the Run your event page by clicking on the “Open” button.


These links are available on your Pigeonhole Overview page for easy reference during your event. To view the panels on other devices such as a tablet, click on Panel links and settings and click Copy on the required panel.


Learn more about setting up the various interfaces.

Resetting a URL

If you have given someone access to one of the Panels but later wish to revoke this access, you can reset the URL of this Panel by clicking on “Reset link”.


This Panel will now be accessible via a different URL from before. Take note to update any relevant personnel of this change in URL.

Direct session links to Admin Panel 

If you wish to share Panel links for individual sessions to different event collaborators, you can download an Excel file with direct session links for all the sessions. The Excel file will list the direct link to Admin Panel, Moderator Panel, and Projector Panel for each session in the Agenda. 


To download the Excel file, go to 3. Run your event and scroll to the bottom to the Useful Resources section. 


Click on Panel links to sessions to download an Excel file with individual session links. 

You can send the links to your event collaborators to give them access to individual sessions in the Agenda. 


We also provide some resources to help you get started before and during your event. The following can be found in the “Resources” section of the run page:

  • Emcee script
  • Audience sign-in instructions
  • Guide to on-site setup
  • Sign-in QR code
  • Panel links to sessions

Click on the download icon to download the resource. 


If you change your event passcode, remember to download the updated resources, so that the correct passcode will be reflected in your materials.