Roles and responsibilities

Managing Pigeonhole Live is very simple. These are the key people who will be involved in running Pigeonhole Live, before and during the event. They include the

  • Pigeonhole I/C
  • Technical crew
  • Emcee (Master of Ceremonies)

In your Workspace, you will be able to download a set of resources from the Run page in each Pigeonhole. It contains a guide to on-site setup, as well as briefing materials for your attendeesĀ on how to use Pigeonhole Live to participate in Q&As, Polls and/or Surveys during the event.

Pigeonhole I/C

The Pigeonhole I/C is in charge of managing and ensuring the successful implementation of Pigeonhole Live at your event. Besides setting up the event, the Pigeonhole I/C also needs to ensure that the technical crew and emcee are briefed on how Pigeonhole Live works, as well as how to introduce Pigeonhole Live to the audience before the event day.

Technical crew

The Technical crew is in charge of setting up the Projector Panel, Admin Panel and Moderator Panel, and managing the transitions between the different screens. As Pigeonhole Live is dependent on the Internet connection, it is important that the technical crew conduct regular checks to ensure that the Internet connection is constantly stable and working.


The Emcee is in charge of introducing Pigeonhole Live to the audience. We have prepared a sample text (found in the Resources section on the Run page in the Workspace) that the emcee can read aloud. However, we would recommend that the emcee first understand how Pigeonhole Live works, so that he or she may be able to better onboard the audience.