Preserving attendee anonymity

When adding Q&A, Poll and Survey session types, we provide an option to let you decide if anonymity is allowed. By default, interactive sessions are created with anonymity enabled. From experience, we find this helps encourage honest and transparent conversations. It is also a simple yet effective way for stakeholders, to better understand the sentiments within their organisation.

When attendees enter your Pigeonhole, unless they sign in, they will always be anonymous. This is true across the Insights data provided to you in your Dashboard account.

In situations where an attendee chooses to sign in, any questions or comments submitted before that will remain anonymous. However, for any new question or comment submission, if anonymity is allowed for that session, there will now be an option to submit anonymously. If the attendee chooses to submit the question or comment anonymously, we record their submission as anonymous in the backend, and again, this is respected in the Insights data provided to you in your Dashboard account.

This methodology and design is important to us, where we follow your configurations, while at the same time respecting attendee choices. This is reflected throughout our platform, in the Insights we provide, as well as in the data exports facility.

For more information on how we store, access and use data, you may read our Privacy Policy.