How do I allow comments in Q&A and Poll sessions?



Comments are enabled by default for all Q&A and Poll sessions.

Comments are a great way to facilitate more in-depth conversations at your events. Attendees can share their answers/view points on a question asked, expand on a question, or in a context of a poll, share reasons for voting for the option(s).

Can I filter comments?

You can filter comments on the Admin Panel, similar to the way you'd filter questions: Allow, edit, or dismiss any comments that have been submitted by your audience. Only comments that have been allowed will be shown to your audience.

You can choose to enable or disable comment filtering at any point, even when your session is ongoing.

Comments in Q&A sessions

For Q&A session types, comments are enabled by default but may be turned off under options. 

Audience Web App

Comments are tied to a question. That means, for an attendee to view or submit comments, he/she will need to click on the comment link for each question on the Q&A session page.

Projector Panel

Comments on questions do not appear unless the question box in the Projector Panel is intentionally clicked upon. That means, it is possible to relegate comments to backroom discussions and not show on the big screen. It is common for organisers to enable comments solely to capture and provide additional context to questions, but not bring up comments during the Q&A or Panel Discussion.

Moderator Panel

A comment icon appears on the bottom right of each question box when comments have been received. Comments can be viewed by tapping on the comments icon.

Comments in Poll sessions

Comments are enabled by default for Poll session types but may be turned off under options. 

Attendees can only submit comments after they have cast their vote. There is no way to view or submit comments without voting in a poll. Comments are also captured and tied to the option(s) voted. As such, when reviewing the votes cast for a poll, you can for example, find out the reasons behind some attendees' vote choices.