How can I do a technical run?



When organising events, it is common practice to gather the team, speakers and even moderators, to conduct technical runs (or rehearsals) that cover every aspect of the event. Technical runs are essential to ensure an event proceeds as planned. With technical runs, everyone acquires a clear understanding of each other's role and responsibilities and this helps reduce the risk of surprises and hiccups during the event.

For Pigeonhole Live to be successfully implemented at your event, technical runs with the team are also essential. That's why we designed Test Mode. It's first and foremost to help you do technical runs with your team easily.

It is important that you do a thorough technical run for Pigeonhole Live with the team to ensure that everyone on the team knows their roles and responsibilities in terms of managing Pigeonhole Live during the event.

Some examples of what your team should be clear on during your event (varies between events):

  1. How will Pigeonhole Live be introduced to the attendees and when? We recommend doing this at the start of the event, and throughout the event prior to each Q&A session (including Panel Discussions) or Poll.
  2. When question filtering is enabled, who goes through the incoming questions and allows them using the Admin Panel? You can have different people filtering questions for different sessions.
  3. Will questions being addressed be served up (using "Active" function) onto the Projector screen? Who will "Active" the question on the Moderator or Admin Panel? Should it be the Moderator/Speaker on stage, or another person using the Admin Panel (normally the same person filtering questions)?
  4. Who will update the Moderator Panel to display the next session once the previous session has ended? (This is normally not the Moderator, but rather one of the helper staff near the stage)
  5. Who will control the Projector Panel interface to show the relevant Q&A and Poll sessions as the event progresses?

Appoint a Pigeonhole Live I/C

This person will be in charge of Pigeonhole Live and will be the go-to person should there be any questions on managing Pigeonhole Live during the event.

The Pigeonhole I/C must:

  • Be clear on the exact implementation and how Pigeonhole Live will be used throughout the event
  • know the people involved in managing Pigeonhole Live and their roles and responsibilities throughout the event 

People involved in a Technical Run

  • Organising team including Pigeonhole Live I/C
  • Key personnel (if any) in charged of different sessions
  • Audio/Video Crew

Ideally, the emcee, moderator(s) and speaker(s) should also be present to rehearse their parts during the technical run. Should the emcee and/or session moderator be unable to attend, the Pigeonhole Live I/C will be in charge of briefing them on the actual event day.

Checklist for conducting Technical Runs

We've created a comprehensive checklist that you can use as a guide. You can also download this checklist as a PDF and print out for use at your technical run.