Setting up the Moderator Panel

The Moderator Panel requires an Internet connection. This panel is optimised for use on a tablet (e.g. iPad) although you may also use a laptop. For tablet browsers, we recommend Safari or Chrome, but you may also use a full-screen browser from the Apple Store or Google Play.

To set up the Moderator Panel:

  1. Launch an Internet browser on your tablet.
  2. Enter the Moderator Panel URL into the address bar (e.g. The Moderator Panel URL can be found in your Workspace, on the Run page of the relevant Pigeonhole.


  3. Select a session to load.

The Moderator Panel can be used in two modes: Advanced and Basic. Learn more about using the Moderator Panel in Advanced or Basic Mode.


If you are setting up the Moderator Panel on an iPad, it is recommended that you enable Guided Access. Learn more about setting up Guided Access.