Introduction to Test Mode

In this section, you will learn how to turn on Test Mode and also use Test Mode for your technical runs. Test Mode was previously known as Preview Mode.


After you've set up your Pigeonhole, how do you:

  • Review and experience your Pigeonhole as an Attendee, Organiser, and/or Moderator?
  • Let your team explore and provide feedback on the Pigeonhole you've set up?
  • Prepare your team to effectively implement and run Pigeonhole Live for your event?

You can easily do all of the above with Test Mode. Test Mode is free and included in all Pigeonhole Plans.

When setting up your Pigeonhole, you had to specify the start and end timings of your sessions. As those timings mimic your event agenda, you are probably days away from your event. That means your sessions are not functional, or live yet.

However, with Test Mode on, sessions become open and fully functional regardless of their start and end timings. This means you and your team can enter a Q&A session on the Audience Web App to post questions, approve questions via the Admin Panel, and project questions on the Projector Panel using the Moderator Panel. Poll and survey sessions will also be open and the look and feel of every interface and interaction is exactly what you can expect during the actual event day.

All responses or activity data captured during Test Mode will be removed when it is turned off and will never interfere with your actual event data.


Test Mode requires that none of the sessions have started

If one or more sessions (interactive or non-interactive) has started, Test Mode becomes disabled, even if it was previously on. There is no way to re-enable Test Mode once it has been disabled for a Pigeonhole.

Event attendees should not access Pigeonhole when Test Mode is on

Any activity or response captured when Test Mode is on is considered test data and will be removed once it's turned off. Test data are also not included in your Dashboard Insights and PDF/Excel exports.

If you intend to send a pre-event message to attendees with the Pigeonhole Live Event Passcode, it is important that you turn off Test Mode prior to that. This also means you must complete your technical runs too. If this is not possible, our recommendation is to not include the Event Passcode in any pre-event messaging.

Tailored Support
Not all events and meetings are designed the same way. If you have special requirements, such as the need to send a pre-event message containing the Pigeonhole Live sign-in instructions to attendees and still be able to conduct technical runs, send us a support request and we'll work with you to help resolve this and any other issues.