How do I add speakers?

Adding speakers to your Pigeonhole is a great way to share more information about the people attendees will be listening to and engaging with at the event. Having some knowledge about speakers can help attendees engage more meaningfully by asking more relevant questions. Speakers are visible within the Agenda, as well as in the About this session section of each session in the Audience Web App.

The terminology used to describe a speaker's role in a session - speaker or moderator - is similar to other variants such as Panellists, Facilitators, Chairpersons and more. However, the words Speaker and Moderator used throughout the Audience Web App is not customisable.

Adding speakers to sessions as a speaker or moderator is done when setting up each session. A speaker cannot be both a speaker and a moderator in the same session. Speakers can have different roles (speaker or moderator) for each session, and the role will be reflected accordingly in the Audience Web App

There are two ways to add new speakers:

  • At the Speakers page, click on the "Add Speaker" button.
  • When adding sessions, by clicking on Add Moderator or Add Speaker options. This method does not support uploading profile pictures which means you'll have to go back to the Speakers page to upload the profile pictures.

We recommend adding all your speakers and moderators of your event before setting up your sessions.

Add new speaker

Go to the Speakers page:

Then click on the "Add Speaker" button. Now, let's go through and explain what each field does.

Profile picture

Every speaker needs a picture. We automatically assign one of three generic pictures available, although you can manually upload a photo of the speaker here.

Selecting a photo for best fit and quality

Profile pictures are displayed within a circle, in the Audience Web App. The photo upload process provides basic image editing functions such as cropping and rotation to allow you to focus the speaker's face within a square box. Most portrait photos, taken professionally for corporate profiles or standard identification cards would fit nicely by default. If you upload a photo that is too high resolution, it would increase the download time for your attendees. However, uploading a photo that is too low resolution may result in a pixelated, low quality photo. In general, for best appearance, quality and fit, we recommend uploading portrait photos that are about 300 pixels in width.


A speaker name can consist of both a name prefix, followed by the full name. The name prefix is optional, but will be displayed alongside the full name across the Audience Web App if selected.

Required, cannot be blank. Name should have a length of 1 to 100 characters.

Title / Company

Enter the speaker's position in a company or organisation. You can also concatenate a speaker's multiple roles within a company or across multiple companies here. This is appended to the speaker's name on a second line and viewable whenever the speaker appears in the Audience Web App.

Optional, can be blank. You are limited to 500 characters of text.


Use this space to provide a written account of the speaker's accomplishments and other interesting background information. When attendees select the speaker in the Audience Web App, they will be able to read this biography.

Optional, can be blank. You are limited to 2500 characters of text. Line breaks are retained. Basic text formatting is supported through Markdown (see Markdown support).

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