Can I edit my Pigeonhole after setting it up?

After setting up your Pigeonhole, you will invariably encounter a situation when you have to update your Pigeonhole setup with the latest changes. The good news is, updating your Pigeonhole with the latest changes is very easy.

You will make changes to your Pigeonhole in the same way you initially set it up. In general, almost anything in your Pigeonhole can be changed, before or during your event. However, there are some restrictions to it.

Changing session timings

There are two restrictions when changing session timings:

  • If a session has already opened/started, you cannot change the start time. You also cannot set the start timing to be earlier than the current time.
  • If a session has ended, you can only extend the session to end at a later time. You also cannot set the end time to be earlier than the current time.

You can quickly change session timings through the session dropdown menu - Start, End, Change end time, Reopen - on the Agenda page, or by editing each session. The options available in the session dropdown menu depends on the session state.

Your session timing must also be within the duration of your Pigeonhole. If you need to keep a session open longer than the Pigeonhole duration, you can buy Additional Days when purchasing your Pigeonhole, or through Add-ons after you have purchased your Pigeonhole. See Purchasing a new Pigeonhole and Purchasing Add-ons.

Removing Sessions

If your event agenda changes and you need to remove sessions, you can only remove sessions that have not opened/started. Once a session opens or starts, there is no way to push back the start time.

To remove such sessions, the best way is to use the Hide function under the session drop-down menu on the Agenda page. 

Modifying Survey questions

Once your survey opens, you will no longer be able to amend the survey questions. You can still change the other survey fields or options. We do this to preserve the integrity of the collected responses.

To avoid encountering this issue, use our Test Mode function after your Pigeonhole is setup, to test and confirm that your survey session is configured as intended.

Session options

In general, all session options can be changed even during the session. For example, enabling or disabling Filtering will immediately apply for all new questions submitted.

For Poll session type, although we allow changes to the options, we do not recommend changing them in the midst of a poll as it might affect the integrity of the results.

Changing Poll chart type

When you change a Poll chart type, this change is not immediately reflected on the Projector Panel. It only takes effect when you refresh/reload the Projector Panel. This behaviour is intended as you can choose to display the same Poll results on multiple Projectors using different Projector chart types.

Changing Poll votes per attendee option

When you change the number of votes each attendee can cast for a poll when the poll is live, the new limit on votes will be applied immediately to every attendee. For those who have already voted more than the new limit, they will be able to reduce the number of votes cast. However, excess votes cast before will not be removed. For those whose limit has not been reached, they will be able to vote immediately on additional options.