What happens when an interactive session has ended?

This article documents the behaviour for users of the different interfaces when an interactive session has ended.

Audience Web App

Once an interactive session such as a Q&A, Poll or Survey session type has ended, no new responses will be collected. For Q&A and Poll session types, if the option to allow viewing after session has ended is enabled, attendees via the Audience Web App will be able to enter the session and view the content within. If this option is not enabled, the button to allow attendees to tab in on the Event Agenda page will no longer be shown. Attendees that were on the session page when it ended will be brought back to the Agenda.

Projector, Moderator and Admin Panel

No new responses will be received. However, with the existing pool of questions (for Q&A session types) and results (for Poll session types), you can still interact with these interfaces as you normally would when the sessions are open. That means, you can still bring up questions from a Q&A session on the Projector Panel and control them using the Moderator or Admin Panel. Similarly, you can also show the poll results on the Projector Panel in any of the supported chart types.


Collecting new responses for interactive sessions that has ended will not be possible. That means, Kiosk will not be usable when interactive sessions have ended.