Before you set up your Pigeonhole, there are some key considerations to understand as this will determine how you will setup your Pigeonhole. This article provides you with the relevant information so you can make the right decision. We also recommend reading the Getting started section first.

Deciding what information to put into Pigeonhole Live

What should event attendees be able to do and see on Pigeonhole Live, and what kind of activities do you want to engage them with? Knowing this will help you decide whether to setup a full event agenda, or just the interactive sessions (Q&A, Poll and Survey sessions) in your Pigeonhole for your event. If you change your mind, don't worry as you can easily change your setup by adding and removing relevant items in your Agenda (as long as the sessions have not started yet).

Event agenda

Although Pigeonhole Live is an audience engagement platform centred around Q&A, polls and surveys, Pigeonhole Live also supports sharing various event information with your event attendees through our non-interactive sessions. This means you can list your entire event programme/agenda on Pigeonhole Live, from start (Registration) to finish (Closing speech), including interactive and non-interactive sessions, meals and breaks. Interactive and non-interactive sessions are automatically displayed and sorted in the Agenda by the session start and end times. You can also include full session descriptions together with speaker profiles (photos and biographies).

Building an event agenda within Pigeonhole Live, on top of any interactivity, helps provide a unified, consistent platform that event attendees can access throughout your event. Such information can also be a value-add to them and be a modern substitute for a printed programme.

Setting up non-interactive sessions and speaker profiles is free, and there are no limits to the number you can create. Choose a Pigeonhole Plan that include a Full Agenda for support for non-interactive sessions and speaker profiles.

Only interactive sessions

You can also choose to keep things simple and focused by setting up only the interactive sessions in the Agenda for Q&A, Polls and Surveys. Your audience will access Pigeonhole Live only during the interactive segment of your event where speakers and moderators will be engaging your audience through Pigeonhole Live.

Understanding session types

There are a number of session types - interactive and non-interactive sessions - to choose from when setting up your Pigeonhole. As you go through your event agenda or planned interactive activities, identify which session type would be appropriate. Later in this guide, we will walk you through the process of creating and configuring each session type based on your event agenda or planned interactive activity.

Session Type When to use 
 Q&A (Interactive) For collecting questions and question votes from attendees for speakers to address during the Q&A or in a Panel Discussion.
Poll  (Interactive) For capturing opinions based around a defined question and a set of defined answer options. Results can be displayed live on the Projector screen as a pie chart, horizontal or vertical bar chart. A Poll session type can be set up as a standalone item on your event Agenda, or it can be set up to appear only when the user taps into a Q&A or Regular Session session type (see Nested sessions).
Survey  (Interactive) For collating responses across a series of open-text or multiple choice questions. Works best as a feedback or survey function for your event. Responses are only viewable privately through your Dashboard. A Survey session type can be set up as a standalone item on your event Agenda, or it can be set up to appear only when the user taps into a Q&A or Regular Session session type (see Nested sessions).
Regular Session  (Non-interactive) Similar to a Q&A session type, just without the Q&A interactive component. This is commonly used when setting up a complete event agenda on Pigeonhole Live. Examples of agenda items that can be set up as this session type are Registration and Welcome Address, as well as any speaker sessions with no planned Q&A powered by Pigeonhole Live. You can also use this to provide additional textual information within your event Agenda. 
Break (Non-interactive) Designed for very specific meals or tea/coffee breaks in your event agenda. You can select appropriate icons to be displayed in your event Agenda. This is commonly used when setting up a complete event agenda on Pigeonhole Live.

Nested sessions

The term "Nest" or "Nesting" is used to indicate a Poll and/or Survey that appears only within a Q&A or Regular Session session type. For example, during a panel discussion, if a speaker wishes to conduct a poll, this poll ideally should be nested under this panel discussion's Q&A or Regular Session session type. This avoids revealing the poll to audiences in other tracks or speaker sessions. There is no limit to the number of nested polls or surveys within a Q&A or Regular Session session type.

Defining order of sessions in Agenda

You are not able to manually sort, or drag and drop sessions to define the order in the Agenda. That's because all sessions are displayed and ordered based on their start and end timings. To put this simply, if you follow your event agenda and set up the sessions according to the timings, the order will be replicated on Pigeonhole Live.

How should you define the start and end time for a speaker session that lasts an hour but have only 15 minutes for Q&A? Our recommendation is to set up the Q&A session type to last for the entire hour. This is advantageous as it allows your audience to post questions from the start of the speaker session. When it is time for Q&A, there would already be a list of crowdsourced questions from the audience that the speaker can begin the Q&A with.

Nested polls and/or surveys should also ideally have a start and end time within the time span of the Q&A or Regular Session session type it is nested within.

We plan to allow some form of manual reordering in the future. Help add your voice to this, or provide more feedback by reaching out to your Account Reps, or simply send us a support request. Thank you!

Customising the look and feel of Pigeonhole Live

The default look and feel is the Pigeonhole Live branding. We have an option to adapt the look and feel of every Pigeonhole Live interface to your company or event branding.  This is available as a chargeable Custom Branding Add-on for each Pigeonhole. To incorporate your branding onto your Pigeonhole, we will need your logo, branding guidelines and any additional artwork or guidelines. Our designers and developers will then do the heavy lifting to create a cohesive branding experience on Pigeonhole Live that's aligned with your brand while ensuring that it looks great across a myriad of supported devices. Due to the work required, we recommend a lead time of two weeks, including the time needed for feedback and review.

To get this going, you can either make a request as part of the purchase of a new Pigeonhole, or if you are in contact with an Account Manager, let them know. Find out more about Custom Branding.

Recommended Setup Process

We recommend following a sequence when setting up your Pigeonhole. For example, setting the Pigeonhole timezone is a recommended first step before adding any sessions. As such, the subsequent articles in this guide are numbered and you should ideally follow the number sequence of the articles. You may however choose to skip certain steps if they do not apply to you.

The articles in this section can also be somewhat opinionated, as we suggest recommended workflows and best practices. However, you are free to setup your Pigeonhole in any way according to your preference and requirements.