Using the Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is designed to be used by the organiser or editorial team, where they would be given full control over the content that attendees can see. If filtering is enabled, it is also the means by which questions and responses are approved, then subsequently shown on the Moderator Panel, Projector Panel, and Audience Web App.

Admin Panel supports both Q&A and Poll sessions. For Q&A and open text Poll sessions, the Admin Panel allows the user to allow or block new questions or responses if filtering is enabled. For multiple choice polls, the live results will be shown in horizontal bar chart. The Admin Panel also has the full functionality of the Moderator Panel except for the ability to view comments.

Generally, the Admin Panel is only used when filtering is enabled for a Q&A or open text Poll session. However, there's nothing stopping you from using it even in sessions with no filtering. In fact, Admin Panel provides the only way to unmark a question as answered in a Q&A session.


To check if question filtering is enabled for a particular session, tap on the menu button on the top right to slide in the Options Pane.

Within the Options pane, you can also:

  • Enable or disable question filtering
  • Sort questions by tags, and/or
  • Switch between Q&A sessions
  • Show nested poll sessions

Filtering for Q&A and Open-text Polls

Questions on the Admin Panel are sorted in three categories, “Awaiting Approval”, “Allowed” and “Blocked”.

Awaiting Approval

If filtering is enabled, newly submitted questions or responses from attendees will appear under Awaiting Approval. You will need to perform an action by either tapping “Allow” or "Block".

  • To approve a question, tap on the "Allow" button

  • To block a question, tap on the "Block" button

You can also make amendments to questions or responses by tapping on "edit". This is useful if you would like to rephrase a question or answer, or assign tags.


Questions or responses that have been approved will be moved to “Allowed”. The question or response will also appear on the Projector Panel, Moderator Panel and Audience Web App.

Questions or responses are are sorted here by the time posted (from the most recent to the least recent) but you can also change the sort order based on the number of votes.


Questions or responses that are blocked will be moved to “Blocked”. The question or response will not appear on the Projector Panel, Moderator Panel or Audience Web App.

If you are unsure whether to allow or block a question, you can always block it first, and undo the action later by tapping the "Unblock" button. It will then be moved back into the "Awaiting Approval" section. It's helpful to note that we also don't notify the attendee that their question was blocked.

Typing Indicator for New Responses

Do you wonder when a new question or open-text poll answer is going to come in? A typing indicator now appears beside the total question count at the top that tells you how many attendees are currently typing.

Nested Polls

If the Q&A session has nested polls, you'll see a thin horizontal strip near the top that lists the number of nested polls. Clicking on that reveals a drawer that shows all the nested polls and a rough representation of their current live results. You can click on each poll to view the Poll session.

Sending Messages to the Moderator (only for Q&A sessions)

You can also send a personalised message to the speaker or moderator during a Q&A session if they are using the Moderator Panel. When the speaker or moderator read, then acknowledges your message, you will also be notified in the Admin Panel that the speaker or moderator has acknowledged your message. You can use this useful function to inform the Moderator that his/her session's time is almost up, or to take a specific question, or that they have time for 2-3 more questions.

Do note that if there are multiple Moderator Panels opened with the same Q&A session, the message is sent to all Moderator Panels. Similarly, when one acknowledges the message, the message disappears from the other Moderator Panels too. The Admin Panel should also be on the same Q&A session in order to receive the message acknowledgement.

  • To send a message to the speaker or moderator, tap "Message Moderator"

  • Type your message in the text box provided.

  • Tap "Send" to deliver your message to the speaker or moderator.

Compatible Devices

Admin Panel is designed to be used on laptops, tablets and even smartphones. On smartphones, the layout of the Admin Panel automatically adjusts to fit the smaller screen. Either way, this provides flexibility for the person managing this interface to be mobile or stationary.