How pricing works: Pigeonhole Plans and Add-ons

Our pricing is based on per-event usage. You may choose to purchase different Pigeonhole Plans for each event that you hold, depending on the specific needs of each event. Since April 2017, we updated our pricing plans to also include a new entry-level Basic Plan that is free. Paid plans also now include unlimited Polls and Survey sessions. In this article, we’ll cover the differences between our plans to help you decide which is best for your event, as well as explain how your plan can be supplemented with Add-ons.
Learn more about purchasing a new Pigeonhole from the Dashboard.

Choosing a plan

We offer one free Basic Plan and three paid plans – Manage, Engage and Captivate, priced at USD 268, 338 and 928 respectively. While the plans share many common features, there are a few important differences that can help you decide which plan to purchase for your event.

Here are three key points to consider:

  • Do you intend to use question filtering at your event? If so, you should opt for the Engage or Captivate Plans, as the Basic and Manage Plan does not support this feature. If you purchase an Engage or Captivate Plan, you will still have the option of disabling filtering later from the Dashboard or the Admin Panel.

  • How many Q&A sessions does your event require? If you plan to use more than 7 Q&A sessions during your event, the Captivate Plan is the most cost-effective.

  • Do you require access to user response data as well as reports? If yes, we encourage you to use our Manage, Engage and Captivate Plans which come with Engagement Insights. Basic Plan has only statistical data available with no downloadable data reports.

Supplementing your plan with Add-ons

If your event requires more Q&A sessions or more than 1000 participants, you can always top-up your plan with Add-ons. Each additional Q&A session costs USD 98. Each additional 500 participants costs USD 98.

Add-ons can be purchased together with your Pigeonhole Plan, or purchased later for an existing Pigeonhole.

Some add-ons are not available during purchase as these require approval and can only be requested via a support request.

  • If you require a longer Pigeonhole duration of 7 days, we also offer an extension to 30 days for USD 500.
  • If you are expecting an audience size of larger than 5000 participants
  • We also offer Custom Branding as an Add-on. Learn more about Custom Branding.

Upgrade Plan

You can also choose to upgrade your plan. This can be done anytime your Pigeonhole is active. Upon successful payment, the new plan will be in effect immediately. Please note that there is no downgrade option. We also have a no-refund policy.

Enterprise with Teams Subscription Plan

If you use Pigeonhole Live on a regular basis and are interested in a subscription plan, our new Enterprise Plan supports unlimited Pigeonholes and unlimited Q&A, Poll and Survey sessions for a year! It also comes with Team Collaboration so you can invite your other team members to work on Pigeonholes together.Learn more about Enterprise with Teams.

Alternative pricing plans

We offer a special plan for users who want to use Pigeonhole Live in an educational setting. Submit a request on our website or via the Dashboard for more information.

If you're a non-profit organisation operating in the areas that we support, we also have discounted rates for you. Submit a request on our website or via the Dashboard for more information.