Using your Sample Pigeonholes

This article covers:

  • What is a Sample Pigeonhole?
  • What can I do with the Sample Pigeonholes?
  • What if I don't have the Sample Pigeonholes in my workspace? 

What is a Sample Pigeonhole?

Each Pigeonhole Live account comes with three Sample Pigeonholes, that are accessible from your Workspace shortly after your account is created. These have been provided to you to show what a fully fleshed-out event Pigeonhole looks like, inside and out. 

It comes with all the features available within paid Pigeonholes, with a duration of 7 days and a limit of 15 participants. As such, we do not recommend using the Sample Pigeonholes for your live event.

There are three use cases for you to explore in the Sample Pigeonholes:  A two-day in-person conference, an internal company townhall, and a two-day virtual conference. 


What can I do with the Sample Pigeonholes?

If you are new to Pigeonhole Live, the Sample Pigeonholes are a great way to get to know the tool. The Sample Pigeonholes automatically have Test Mode switched on, with responses included. We recommend leaving Test Mode on to see what those responses look like first.

We recommend first exploring all the panels within the Sample Pigeonhole. 



Audience Web App

Click into different sessions to see what the responses look like, or try them out yourself. Put in your own questions into Q&A or fill up a survey. 

Admin Panel

See what the behind-the-scenes looks like on your event day. Try your hand at moderating questions, or run a Quiz.

Projector Panel

While you're trying things out on the Audience Web App or Admin Panel, keep the Projector Panel up on your screen or projector. This will allow you to see how responses are reflected on the big screen, whether it's on a question grid, Poll charts, Word Cloud, or Quiz. 


Once you've explored all the panels, you can take a look at how the sessions were set up, and try to make your own changes. From your Workspace, click into Agenda. From there, edit any of the sessions there or even add your own session. 


What if I don't have the Sample Pigeonholes in my workspace? 

If you do not have the Sample Pigeonholes in your workspace or wish to have new Sample Pigeonholes, please contact support.