Using your Demo Pigeonhole

Each Pigeonhole Live account comes with a Demo Pigeonhole. If you do not have a Demo Pigeonhole, or wish to have a new Demo Pigeonhole, please contact support. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of the Demo Pigeonhole, the features available in it, as well as its limitations.

Demo Pigeonhole features

The Demo Pigeonholes work identically to Pigeonholes from our paid Pigeonholes. It comes with all the features available within paid Pigeonholes. It also includes a duration of 30 days. This duration defines the date range that sessions can be open for. The duration does not begin immediately when you sign up for an account. Rather, it applies only after you have created the first session in the Pigeonhole. Learn more about Pigeonhole Duration

Q&A demo

The Demo Pigeonhole is set up with a Q&A session to help you get started quickly. When you first enter the Demo Pigeonhole, you will be brought through a series of guided steps to help you understand how Q&A with question filtering works with Pigeonhole Live. The Q&A demo starts off by guiding you to the Audience Web App to show you how attendees can submit new questions. You are then directed to the Admin Panel interface where new questions submitted by attendees are filtered here. You will also understand how questions appear on the Projector Panel interface when questions are voted on by attendees using the Audience Web App. The demo then finishes by showing how a question can be shown on the Projector Panel interface when it is addressed.


There are some limitations in the Demo Pigeonhole versus the paid Pigeonholes. Firstly, while paid Pigeonholes have a participant limit of 1000 and above, Demo Pigeonholes have a much lower limit of 15 participants.

Custom Branding is also not available in the Demo Pigeonhole. If you wish to use a Pigeonhole with Custom Branding, please contact one of our Account Managers or drop us an email at

Lastly, add-ons are not available in the Demo Pigeonholes as it already includes all available features!