Understanding Custom Branding

This article covers:
  • What is Custom Branding? 
  • What is included in Custom Branding? 
  • How to purchase Custom Branding for your Pigeonhole? 

What is Custom Branding?

Custom Branding is the most comprehensive and customisable branding option that we offer. It works almost like a white-label solution in which a tailored design is created for your Pigeonhole based on your brand guidelines. 

Custom Branding ensures that all the Pigeonhole Live interfaces including the Admin Panel, Projector Panel, Moderator Panel and Audience Web App will be uniformly branded with your corporate colours, logos, font, and more. With a Team Workspace, you can also enable your organisation’s custom branding as the default branding to ensure consistent appearance for all your Pigeonholes.

What is included in Custom Branding? 

With Custom Branding you can: 

  • Create custom backgrounds with multiple corporate colours or background images on the Audience Web App and panels 
  • Add multiple logos to the Projector Panel and Audience Web App, such as event sponsors and partners
  • Customise logo placement on the Projector Panel and Audience Web App 
  • Add logo to sessions
  • Apply it as the default branding for all Pigeonholes created in a Team Workspace to ensure brand consistency

Available as add-ons to your Custom Branding purchase:

  • Adding animated gifs to the background
  • Replacing the default font with a font of your choice (you will need to provide us with the font file).
  • Customising colours in a Word Cloud
  • Brand the passcode login screen with a custom URL. Note that we only support subdomain URLs, e.g. https://yourcompanyname.pigeonhole.at for the custom URL.

Why use Custom Branding?

  • Custom Branding gives your organisation and brand maximum visibility throughout your event
  • It provides a consistent brand experience across different mobile devices and web browsers for your audience
  • Ensures compliance with your organisation's brand guidelines 
  • Ensures consistent appearance for all Pigeonholes created in your Team Workspace
  • It is an effective way of featuring your sponsors

How to purchase Custom Branding for your Pigeonhole? 

Custom Branding is available as an add-on to your Pigeonhole. To purchase Custom Branding for your Pigeonhole, you need to submit a request to your Account Manager or submit a support request on your Workspace.

The Custom Branding Add-on requires approval before it can be processed. You will receive a confirmation within 2 working days from point of request. No payment is required prior to the approval of your Custom Branding request.

Upon approval, you will need to provide us with the following to complete the Custom Branding:

  • Branding guidelines.
  • Corporate colours.
  • Logo(s), preferably in .ai or .eps format.
  • Any additional image assets that may be required for your Custom Branding.

Once the required assets and information are provided, we will work closely with you to ensure that the Custom Branding meets your event requirements. 

Download our PDF guide to Custom Branding. 

Note: As each Custom Branding is specially tailored for your brand, we require a lead time of 14 days to complete it.